After studying multiple crypto projects we have observed that most projects offer 1 to 3 different types of tokens.

1) Coin/currency (Bitcoin)

2) Utility token (Filecoin)

3) Governance Token (Uniswap)

Let's focus on governance tokens such as Uniswap. The innovation that Uniswap has brought to the cryptocurrency industry can't be denied. However, the Uniswap tokens were launched as a bit of an afterthought. All of the tokens value is derived from strictly being a governance token and speculation. It's value is not tied to capturing current or future economic value of the protocol or any sort of assets that the token/protocol can back by such as “cash” on a balance sheet.

The team at SweetDAO has thought long and hard about how the best AMM should function but more importantly what the token means for the project. We want to position the function of the token in a different manner than what is currently out there. Unlike other tokens we hope the value of the project's “SWEET” token comes from the utility and economic value collected by the protocol and its community. This white paper will break down how this will happen.

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