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Our team has a lot of experience with startups, we have either worked for them or launched startups in the past. It's important that startups reduce the risks for a project, doing so will help increase the chances that a team can successfully execute on a shared vision. Furthermore it's important that a startup be as efficient as possible with the small amount of resources it has. This can be in the form of time, money, or personnel.

With the release of native smart contracts on Cardano we will see a lot of new DAPPs getting launched. These native apps will be written in Plutus and Haskell. While we think these programming languages are great, the team already has experience writing smart contracts in Solidity. It is for this reason that we will be using Solidity to write the SweetDAO’s smart contracts and launch them on the Cardano's Milkomeda layer 2 solution.

This will have 5 benefits

  1. It will reduce reduce development time

  2. It will allow us to reuse the codebase if we decide to also launch the project on another EVM compatible blockchain.

  3. Solidity has well established blockchain coding patterns that can be used.

  4. The concurrency issue that some native projects will have to deal with won't be an issue. It will be taken care of by the layer 2 solution.

  5. Higher chance of finding developers that are interested in blockchain development.

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