Welcome To The Sweet Snack Club

In the very near future we will be holding a DEFI NFT sale.

What do Sweet Snack Club NFTs Do?

By owning a Sweet Snack Club DEFI NFT you will receive special benefits within the Sweet Protocol and community.


  • Increases rate of liquidity mining for SWEET tokens for the Sweet Snack Club NFT owners.

  • Additional discount for SWEET Token protocol bonding

  • First DAO members

  • Private community access.

  • Addition token allocation for SweetDAO ISPO participants.

  • Increased social media followers #SweetFollowSweet!!!

  • Future Airdrop of SWEET Tokens.

What will we do with the ADA from the NFT sale?

The funds raised from the sale of the DEFI NFTs will help to pay for the following:

  • Decentralised Exchange Smart Contract Audits.

  • Lawyer Fees.

  • DAO registration as a legal entity to protect DAO members.

  • The majority of the ADA raised will be used to pay for the marketing of the SweetDAO ISPO. Having a successful ISPO is extremely important for this project. The funds raised during the ISPO will be used and owned by the Sweet Protocol as Protocol Owned Liquidity. It will also be used to start the backing of SweetDAO's "SWEET" token.

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