♻️Positive Flywheel

As we can see by employing the Protocol Owned Liquidity, Protocol Bonding and the Service Fee Model strategies, The Sweet Protocol will be able to create a positive flywheel effect. Flywheels occur when wins accumulate over time, creating momentum that can keep a business growing

The Sweet Protocol will own 25% of all tokens which means that the protocol will own its own token, since the collection of fees is based on how many SWEET tokens an entity owns, the Sweet Protocol will be able to collect service fees for itself. This will result in creating a Positive Flywheel effect

  1. The Sweet Protocol starts by collecting 25% of service fees for itself right away.

  2. Service fees collected automatically go into the Sweet Treasury as Protocol Owned Liquidity(POL).

  3. The Sweet Protocol will be able to mine more of its own SWEET token by liquidity mining

  4. More mining increases how many SWEET tokens the Sweet Protocol owns

  5. Increases how much of the service fees it can collect.

By implementing this strategy the Sweet Protocol can become a self sustaining decentralised business using Decentralised Liquidity!

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